Water Conservation Pledge

I understand that water is my community’s most precious and natural resource. I recognize that how we manage water today will affect nearly every aspect of our future. I acknowledge that California is in a severe drought and I need to do my part to stretch the water supply. I know that our water supply is not endless and it is important for me to change my habits to conserve water.

In order to do my part, I pledge to reduce my water consumption by at least 10 gallons per day by using water more wisely.

I pledge to:

Take a five minute (or less) shower and turn off water while lathering, shampooing, brushing teeth or shaving.
Turn off sink faucet while lathering your hands or brushing your teeth.
If not using a low-flow toilet or dual flush, "if it's yellow let it mellow and if it's brown flush it down."
Only operate the washing machine with full loads.
Use the lowest water-setting level and shortest washing machine cycle for lightly soiled clothes.
Wash dishes with a plugged sink full of water instead of letting it run.
Only run the dishwasher when it's full and use the lowest water-setting level.
Check for and repair, dripping faucets and leaking toilets throughout the home.
Install a low flow or trickle valve shower head.
Install an Energy Star labeled dishwasher and washing machine.
Start a compost pile to dispose of food waste, as opposed to using a kitchen sink garbage disposal.
Install a tankless or instant hot water heater or circulating pump so the water doesn’t have to run while it heats up.
Water the lawn and landscape once a week or less during a drought.
Water the lawn and landscape in the early morning or late evening to avoid unnecessary evaporation or wind drift.
Use a timer to turn sprinklers off and avoid overwatering.
Cut down on car washing or use a commercial car wash.
Use a broom (not a hose) to clean driveways and sidewalks.
Use a pool cover to reduce evaporation.
Replace grass lawns and overhead spray irrigated areas with drought tolerant and native plants, mulch, or artificial turf lawns.
Use a shut-off nozzle on outdoor hose.
Inspect landscape irrigation system regularly for leaks and malfunctioning equipment.
Fix outdoor leaks on hose bibs, sprinkler heads and irrigation emitters.
Position sprinklers so water lands on landscaping and not the house, sidewalk, driveway or street.

Total Gallons Pledged


I pledge to help out with the drought!
Saving water is easy and every simple change that I implement will make a huge difference.
I pledge to use all the water saving actions I checked off above to save at least 10 gallons per day.